Hiroko McCoy

Hiroko Ohashi-McCoy is a senior localization project manager and localization engineer at ABLE Innovations. She also handles IT / technical tasks and maintains company Web and intranet sites.

After moving to the US from Japan, Hiroko established a company called Cortex International, with its main focus on helping business negotiations and the import/export of various products between US and Japan.  After helping Microsoft with their business meetings in Tokyo, she was offered free software from Microsoft.  During the early stages of Microsoft (their major OS was Dos 3.1), she was engaging in their software products.  After the Internet was commercialized in 1995 (when Mozilla was the only browser available), Hiroko started building home pages for various companies.

With her Computer Science and technology background, she started working for Elucidex as a Programming Department Manager. She was engaged in developing internal systems, such as employee time/activity management applications, company Web administrative applications (ASP, VBScript & SQL Server), and translation memory tools for localization projects (Visual Basic).

After Elucidex, she worked for North Forks EWRX Inc. as a senior programmer, mainly building Web applications in JScript and JavaScript with SQLServer as a database.

Between Elucidex and ABLE, she has over twelve years experience in localization industry. Hiroko enjoys learning about different cultures, and dreams to travel all over the world someday.




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