We Made It Happen: LinguistNow

How many times in your life have you caught yourself saying “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” but can’t figure out how to make this could-be cool thing a reality?

Now ABLE Innovations can say “Check out how cool this is…” We’re partnering with RightNow® Technologies to bring an innovative solution to time-consuming translation problems. By just clicking on a button in the RightNow® CX Interface, the content is exported automatically and sent to professional linguists for translation. Once the material is translated, the content is automatically imported; minimizing manual processing that requires a lot of time and potential for error. Not only that… We’ve also automated localization of links, images and attachments that takes A LOT OF TIME when you do it manually. I bet, if you’re a RightNow® content editor, you will think this is really cool!

After several years in the translation industry, we’re excited to be involved in something we think will really benefit not just our company and our clients, but anyone that manages content in RightNow® and needs to get it out to a multilingual audience.

The Add-in tool has proven successful with SurveyMonkey™. Their VP of International says: “LinguistNow has both accelerated and simplified our translation processes. We can export content to be translated and import it back to RightNow® without any manual work on our side. LinguistNow has made our organization more efficient, has reduced our time to market, and has already saved us tens of thousands of dollars.”

We are thrilled to finally have this technology launched and can’t wait to offer it to others needing to solve translation issues. Make sure to check it out at: www.linguistnow.com

Now that’s cool isn’t it?